About Gabs

Gabs has:

  • Edited books for Kew Gardens and Oxford University
  • Sold advertising space for Vogue magazine
  • Edited counter-terrorist intelligence for a private defence company (I know!)
  • Written copy for lots of websites, brochures, adverts and stuff
  • Lived in Tokyo for 2 years (seriously, go there)
  • A daughter (that one caught me by surprise too)
  • Studied classical yoga in India (om shanti guys!)
  • A BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature from the University of Leicester (the most boring three years of my life…like, where is the scene in that city? Nooooowwhhhheeeerrrre.)
  • Asthma, but it’s mostly cured thanks to various shamanic and yogic methods involving…well, let’s just say, it was weird but it worked
  • Ambition
  • Hope
  • Healthy outbreaks of pessimism
  • Written more serious stuff about myself here: View Gabrielle Brown's profile on LinkedIn
  • Got to go now, bye!

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